All roads to Boscastle now OPEN

A 16-week planned road closure through the only main road in Boscastle has seen vehicles diverted by up to 15 miles is being finally lifted today. But despite the works being completed four weeks early, businesses in the area have reported crippling income loses with significant drops in passing footfall since the closures began.

The recent road closure has highlighted the knife-edge local businesses are on. The primary industry of the village is that of tourism and when the gate is shut, what is there to survive upon?

The Harbour Light Tearoom’s owner, Claire Bailey, said: “It has been a nightmare, the drop in business is quite severe and all passing trade has been non-existent. It should pick up now as it’s been re-opened and Easter is approaching, but I will not be able to regain on the losses.”

The owner of The Leather Shop, Rob Lloyd, said: “Businesses are grateful to a core of villagers who took it upon themselves to make a conscious effort to spend local and keep traders cash liquid. To those residents affected with and enduring extra traffic due to local diversionary routes – a huge thanks for your support and patience.”

Boscastle businesses were keen to highlight that the village boasts a bountiful array of goods and services coming together for a photograph in its backdrop Elizabethan harbour. Now that the works have completed and the road is now open for vehicles to freely pass through, traders hope that visitors will resume their support to Boscastle.

Members of the Boscastle Chamber of Trade and Commerce come together to show off to highlight the array of goods that can be found within the village and to promote plenty of reasons why it is worth going local for some of your gifts and groceries.

All roads to Boscastle now OPEN