Staying COVID safe

We are thrilled to be re-opening and are working hard to make sure that we are implementing measures to make sure that we are ready to keep you safe. While closed, we’ve reviewed all aspects of our operations, adapting existing procedures and finding new ways to do things to ensure keeping you and our staff safe is at the heart of what we do. Some of these you will notice, and other measures are behind the scenes – for instance you may notice some items have been withdrawn from our rooms. But additional measures are in operation behind the scenes such as replacing/quarantining protectors, pillows, duvets etc.

Simple measures expected of everyone

We all want to be COVID safe and some simple measures gives reassurance to everyone. Social distancing is paramount. Please consider holding back, giving way and having patience when you are moving in and around the building. Narrow corridors and staircases are bottle necks are obstacles but can be easily overcome with social distancing in mind. Hand washing and hand sanitisation is effective at reducing the transmission. You will find these at the entrances of nearly all venues and whilst you might have used them once, give reassurance to staff and owners you are COVID safe too.

We are constantly reviewing our COVID safe measures

So whilst we have some more, we provide these to guests on their booking and before their arrival, we would rather you read them nearer the time of your arrival. If you are wanting to read them at the current time, please do reach out to us and we can email them to you but encourage you to read the current safety measures in place nearer the time of your arrival.

Staying COVID safe